Outreach/ Online Talk Application (for Schools/ NGOs)


Outreach/ Online Talk Application (for Schools/ NGOs)

An array of outreach and online programmes are designed for schools and NGOs to learn about sustainable living and how to be part of this global transformation. The programmes of Green Hub aim at helping participants to discover that the journey to low-carbon living is more colourful, delicious and accessible than they might think.

Topic of Talk:

  • Eat Well (低碳慧食家講座)
  • Urban Oasis x Ecological Conservations of Green Hub (古蹟活化 X 城市生態保育講座)
  • Zero Carbon Pioneer (減碳小隊長講座)
Duration: 30-40 mins/ talk
Programme Fee: $850/ talk

Nature of Programme: Outreach/ Zoom

Please submit the application form.
 Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the selected programme date.

The Green Hub is itself covered by Public Liability Insurance. Participants are fully responsible for arranging, at their own expense, such life, health and other forms of insurance coverage as individual considers appropriate.

Please call 2996 2826 or send an email to


Application should be submitted to the Green Hub at least 4 weeks in advance along with copies of supporting documents such as certificate of whole-day school registration or a charitable instituti on which is exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

e.g.: 09/12/21 14:00-14:40