Green Hub

Resilence Economy

It is possible to diversify our economy so as to provide for many of our needs from sources relatively close to home, thereby helping us to cut our carbon emissions. This will build a more secure and sustainable balance between trade and local production, and create employment opportunities and stronger bonding within the community.

Our Co-op Shop, Sunday Market, Barter Day and Community Supported Agriculture schemes are platforms to bridge collaboration between local and/or eco-friendly producers with consumers to create more resilience alternatives, together.

Climate Change and Peak Oil will force our society to face a new economic reality with a simpler “less is more” mentality (except those wise people who already live very simply). The energy and time we spend on acquiring “stuff” could be devoted instead to developing relationships with people and nature, which is, after all, ultimately a greater source of happiness. 

Striving towards an endless-growing economy is simply unrealistic. The earlier we start devloping more resilient alternatives, the better we will survive through the imminent challenges.