Green Hub

Eco-living Codes

To protect the heritage site, and experience low-carbon living fully, we urge our residential guests to respect and follow the Green Hub Living Code during their stay at the Green Hub. We believe the experience will help one reconnect with nature and value a simple, responsible lifestyle.

The Green Hub Living Code:

  • Green Hub is a ‘No-Meat’, ‘No-Smoking’ and ‘No-Alcohol’ zone.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring food into the guest rooms as this may attact pests.
  • Lighting of fires or cooking in guest rooms is prohibited.
  • Stay carbon-conscious all the times - turn off unnecessary electrical appliances and treasure all resources.
  • Be responsible for keeping your room clean and fresh.
  • Stay in harmony with our wild-residents; please refrain from feeding wildlife.
  • Playing of music and other noisy behaviour that disturbs the peace of the site is not permitted.

Please also observe Green Hub's Visitor Guidelines.