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Transition to Sustainable Living

We are living in one the greatest eras of change in human history.
Over-population, unstable fuel prices, resource wars, the wobbling globalized economy and the growing evidence of the rapidly changing climate, are the most notable signs.
Inevitably, the challenges from Peak Oil and Climate Change, and their knock-on effects, will force us to rethink our current over-dependence on fossil fuels.
The good news is that signs of changes are happening in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Businesses and governments are now talking about and acting on sustainability and carbon-reduction. Communities are coming together, in ways that have not been seen for a long time, to seek cleaner air, waste reduction and nature conservation. Support for sustainable urban agriculture and social enterprise is growing. Farmers markets, community co-operatives, eco-living, and 'buy-local' are all back in fashion. These things are more than a trend, they are part of a profound shift in the way we live our lives.
We each need to seriously consider what we want our world to be like in 2030 and beyond and take action to make that vision happen.
Rather than ignoring the signs and sleepwalking into disaster, we must embrace the inevitable changes positively, in an organized way. We have an opportunity to bring our communities closer together to dream, to plan how we can live with less fossil fuel consumption, and to follow more sustainable ways of living, that are in line with the needs of our soil, soul and society.
To live well with less fossil fuels we have to seek ways to supply our core needs, such as food and water, as locally as possible. Shifting towards localization contributes to an overall energy-descent, which in turn enhances our community resilience by contributing to local economies, reducing our oil vulnerability and carbon emissions.
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