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Under the Revitalisation Scheme, the Green Hub has restored the original function of the Police Officers' quarters at the Old Tai Po Police Station as guestrooms. The design of our guestrooms reflects the beauty of simplicity and allows residential guests to appreciate the original architectural features.

The Green Hub has twelve rooms for accommodating 24 guests. The guestrooms are designed in a communal setting and most of the rooms are naturally-ventilated without thermal-conditioning.

We welcome bookings from organizations and individuals. Advance reservation is essential.

Room Types Specification Rate / night / room (HK$)
Single (A) Fan and communal bathroom 400
Single (B) Fan, air-conditioner and private bathroom 650
Twin (A) Fan and communal bathroom 650
Twin (B) Fan and air-conditioner; communal bathroom 700
Triple-bed (A) Fan and air-conditioner; communal bathroom 900
Triple-bed (B) Fan and private bathroom 900
Six-bed Fan and communal bathroom 1500
  • All guest room services should be booked in advance. 
  • The minimum check-in age for Green Hub Residential experience is 6 years old;
  • The room rate does not cover any meals;
  • Green Hub is a ‘No-Meat’, ‘No-Smoking’ and ‘No-Alcohol’ zone.;
  • Free WiFi is accessibleat at some public area and the Eat Well Canteen of the Green Hub;
  • For guest who are not participating in a residential course, we only take bookings by the room, not by the bed;
  • The above rates do not apply to participants of residential courses, for which we have a different package;
  • Payment is not refundable after acceptance.
  • Once a booking is confirmed with payment, no change on booking detail will be accepted.
  • The room rate should be paid in full in HKD (net of any charges).
  • All bank charges related to online payment, bank transfer and/or currency conversion should be absorbed by the remitter or sender.


Enquiry and Application: 

  • Please fill and submit the completed online enquiry form.
  • Our staff will contact you to follow up and deliver an application form if succussed.