Green Hub

Special Weather Arrangements

When bad weather is affecting Hong Kong, please take note of these special arrangements at Green Hub:

  • Green Hub will remain open when Typhoon Signal No.1 or No.3 is in force.
  • Green Hub will be CLOSED when Black Rainstorm Warning, Typhoon Signal No. 8 or more severe one is hoisted.
  • Once the Hong Kong Observatory has announced that Typhoon Signal No.8 will be hoisted in a few hours:

- The Green Hub will be CLOSED

- No visitors, except residential guests, will be admitted to Green Hub.

- Residential guests will have to follow a set of established protocol at Green Hub.

  • After Typhoon Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm Signal has been replaced by less severe one, Green Hub will remain CLOSED until the site has been checked and any emergency clearance or urgent repair work due to weather damage has been completed.
  • Please check with our Visitor Centre at (852) 2996 2800 for the re-opening time of Green Hub.
  • We will contact the organiser of those visiting groups with advance bookings and notify them that the Green Hub is CLOSED.