Courses and Workshops

The Green Hub provides a wide range of courses and workshops for schools, groups, families and individuals, which aim to raise people’s awareness and shift their consciousness towards a sustainable life, in harmony with one’s inner landscape and outer environment.

We practice holistic learning approach through ‘4H’ – ‘Head’, ‘Heart’, ‘Hand’ and ‘Home’ which was suggested by Dr. Satish Kumar, the world renowned peace activist, educator, writer, co-founder of the Schumacher College in the UK, and long-term editor of 'Resurgence and Ecologist' magazine.

In our courses and workshops, apart from learning important knowledge (Head), we also deepen participants’ experience through hands-on activities (Hands) and facilitate them to reflect and re-connect to their innerselves (Heart).  We also seek to guide people to the 4th H - Home, which brings together the other three H's of Head, Hands and Heart into one, to build a better relationship with our ‘Home’, nature.

The Head, Hands and Heart concept is also refected in how we give our attention, in balance, to Soil, Soul and Society. -

Soil (Hands), Soul (Heart) and Society (Head).

Our programmes encompass sustainable food systems, heritage, sustainable design and management, community resilience and sustainable living. Major categories include: