Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station) Heritage Tour

The Old Tai Po Police Station is located at the site where the British flag-raising ceremony took place, marking the official take-over of the New Territories by Britain.Being the first permanent Police Station built by the colonial government in the New Territories soon after the takeover, it represented the establishment of the British sovereignty in this newly leased territory in 1899.

Built on a knoll at Tai Po, a strategic location considered as the most central position of the territory, it immediately served as the Police Headquarters of the New Territories. Its founding and the later addition of other Government buildings nearby reflected that Tai Po was once the headquarters of the administration of the New Territories in the early colonial era.

Located originally along the shoreline overlooking the Tai Po Sea in the late 19th century, its current context of being an inland area reminds us of the large-scale reclamation work that was carried out in the 1970s, as Tai Po became a New Town.

The one-hour guided Green Hub Heritage Tour provides an introduction to the historical, architectural and ecological significance of the Old Tai Po Police Station, as well as how an integrated conservation approach has been adopted to revitalize this Grade 1 historic heritage to today’s Green Hub for promoting sustainable living.

Group Size: Maximum group size is 30 people

Duration:     60 minutes

Date:          Daily except Tuesday and specified closing dates*

Time:         11:00-12:00 or 14:00-15:00

Fee:           Group tours for schools and charitable institutions are also free-of-charge. These groups will need to provide proof of their legal status.

*Please check HERE for information about Green Hub closing dates.