Green Hub

Visitors Guidelines

  1. Visitors should register at the Green Hub, Visitor Centre.

  2. A visiting group of over 5 people needs advance booking.

  3. Don't bring any food onto the premises.

  4. Eating is not allowed at the Green Hub except inside the Eat Well Canteen.

  5. The Green Hub is a no-meat zone. No meat or product of meat can be brought onto the premises.

  6. Please keep the Green Hub clean and tidy by placing litter in a bin or taking it away with you.

  7. No picking or removal of plants or parts of plants.

  8. No feeding, catching or disturbing any wild animals.

  9. No damaging the facilities.

  10. No pets or other animals can be brought into the Green Hub except service dogs (guide-dogs) and Police dogs.

  11. No bicycle, skateboards, scooters can be brought into the Green Hub.

  12. No lighting of fires.

  13. No smoking is permitted.

  14. Photography or filming for commercial purposes and/or for wedding, graduation or portrait/cosplay are not permitted unless with the written permision of the Executive Director of KFBG.

  15. Do not use tripods when taking photos in the Green Hub.

  16. Visitors must refrain from entering restricted areas.

  17. Visitors are required to behave in an orderly and safe manner; shouting and charging around, which are not conducive to a safe and meaningful learning experience, are not permitted.

  18. Visitors must not photograph or video course/workshop participants or classroom operations without the permission of the Executive Director of KFBG and the course leader.

  19. Visitors must not operate or play, or make any sounds on, any musical or other instrument, including any sound device, loud hailer, gramophone or radio apparatus, or sing any song or shout without the written permission of the Executive Director of KFBG.

  20. Visitors must not advertise, deliver a public speech, lecture, prayer, scripture or sermon, or hold or take part in a public gathering, meeting or procession as defined in the Public Order Ordinance (Cap 245) without the written permission of the Executive Director.

  21. Visitors must not, except with the KFBG Executive Director's written permission display any notice, sign, poster, banner, placard, bill or advertisement or any similar picture, wording or decoration to, or upon any part of any building, wall, post, seat or any other structure forming part of the Green Hub or to any tree or other natural feature.

  22. No obscene or foul language or behaviour that disturbs other people.

  23. The Green Hub reserves the right to terminate any visit in circumstances where visitors fail to comply with these guidelines.

  24. The Bylaw of the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation Ordinance (Chapter 1156), established by the Hong Kong SAR Government, applies to the Green Hub premises.