Low Carbon Diet Workshop (Organized Group)

Low Carbon Diet Workshop

The workshop guides participants to experience the different stages to bring food ‘from field to table’, and treating their kitchen waste after enjoying a light meal. Food is used as the theme to raise participants’ awareness of the connection between the well-being of ourselves, society and the environment.

The workshop is conducted at the Eat Well Canteen which is part of the Canteen Block of the historic Old Tai Po Police Station. 

Participants will harvest seasonal herbs at our Kitchen Garden where some of the ingredients for our Eat Well Canteen come from. They will also be engaged in interactive activities such as food preparation, eating and post-meal waste treatment. Through first-hand experience, participants will learn practical steps for transiting towards a healthier and more sustainable diet. More importantly, participants will realize sustainable living is more joyful and affordable than they thought.

Class Size:Minimum of 20 to a maximum of 30 people (leaders inclusive)

Target:Organized Group


Fee: $150 per head (Same price for Children and Adults; the fee includes charge for a light vegetarian meal)

Eat Well Workshops for Primary and Secondary students
During the workshop, participants learn how to make their own salad dressing – it tastes fresher, free of artificial additives, low food mileage, and consume the least packaging materials.   The Kitchen Garden at the Green Hub, next to the Eat Well Canteen, supplies all the herbs and some of the vegetables we consume – they travel just a few metres from the farm field to your plate.  

The Green Hub has made adaptive use of the Canteen Block of Old Tai Po Police Station as the Eat Well Classroom for promoting low carbon diet.