EW136 Gluten Free Vegan Mini Roselle Bagel Cookery Class (Private Group)
Thu, October 7 2021 to Sun, November 7 2021
17:00 - 18:30
Eat Well Classroom, The Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station), 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

EW136 Gluten Free Vegan Mini Roselle Bagel Cookery Class (Private Group)



Gluten Free Vegan Mini Roselle Bagel Cookery Class (Private Group)

Roselle blooms during late autumn in Hong Kong and its vibrant ruby colour gives off its unique freshness in this gluten-free bagel. The part of the roselle that is edible are the calyces of the roselle flower which can be used to make a variety of jams, pickles, and herbal teas.

This cookery class will make gluten-free bread with cashew and local organic roselle.

This bread is aromatic and elastic, with a texture like bagel. During the cookery class, participants will learn the techniques and applications of gluten-free bread and vegan tofu yoghurt. Each participant can take 6 roselle bagel (about 6cm diameter each) and a serving of local organic roselle home, please bring your own food container.

Eat Well Cookery Class inspires participants to discover the possibilities of low carbon living and cooking, which is far more colourful, delicious, and achievable than expected.

The class will be taught in Cantonese.

Ingredients contain cashew and coconut.

*Outdoor activities will be subjected to the weather conditions.


$430 per one (includes all ingredients and tuition)

Number of participants:

7-13 adults


Wednesday to Monday (Green Hub closed on Tuesdays)

The Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station), 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

Target Group
Adult (Age 18 or above)

Cantonese / English / Mandarin

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  • In the unlikely event of there not being enough participants the Course may be canceled.
  • The Green Hub is itself covered by Public Liability Insurance. Participants are fully responsible for arranging, at their own expense, such life, health and other forms of insurance coverage as individual considers appropriate.