EW115 Plum Duet Online Cookery Workshop (17 Apr 2021)
Sat, April 17 2021
15:00 - 16:00

EW115 Plum Duet Online Cookery Workshop   (17 Apr 2021)

Plum Duet Online Cookery Workshop

Although green ume plums are tart and bitter, time can tame the astringency and sourness of green plums, making the plums rich and smooth in taste. You can make them with your own hands and feel the plums dancing in the palm of your hand.  

In this online cooking class, we will share how to make ume plum pickle and umeshu, a traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume plum. Each participant will receive a set of plum pickle DIY kit and a jar of Perilla Ume Plum Jam that made by Eat Well Canteen using 1-year aged plum pickles, of which you will taste the mellow flavour and tamed sweetness of plum right away.  

Perilla Ume Plum Jam is made from local organic ume plums from Kadoorie Farm, complementing with organic perilla and unbleached rock sugar. Dried perilla is added during the pickling process to give the ume plum a natural fragrant. Ume plum pickle can become an energizing & refreshing drink to hydrate your body in summer when diluted with water or it can also be used to add flavor to different kinds of dishes. In traditional food culture, ume plum condiment is believed to be a digestive aid that can help body detoxing.  

Plum Duet Workshop Kit  includes: 

  • Local organic green ume plum 900g ( Portion for 1 bottle of plum pickle and umeshu)

  • Unbleached rock sugar 600g 

  • Organic perilla ume plum sauce (1-year aged) 

The class will be taught in Cantonese.

Online Workshop Date and Time**

17 Apr 2021 (Sat) / 15:00-16:00   or  24 Apr 2020 (Sat) / 15:00-16:00 

**Participant will get access to the zoom recording to review for 2 weeks after the workshop

Date & Time Picking up Workshop Kit at Green Hub

16-18 Apr 2021 (10:00-16:30)   or   23-25 Apr 2021(10:00-16:30)

Target Group
Adult (Age 18 or above)


HK$430 per person 

Please refer to CHI version (click here)

Please call 2996 2826 or send an email to

In the unlikely event of there not being enough participants the Course may be canceled.