Terms, Conditions and Polices

General Policies for Visiting Green Hub and Green Hub Heritage Tour

  • All visitors should present the official Green Hub confirmation email upon registration. Our staff may ask for valid identity proof should verification be needed. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details.

  • While courses and workshops are in session at Green Hub, visitors on tours must refrain from disturbing course/workshop participants by being noisy, unruly or entering restricted areas.

  • Eating is not allowed at the Green Hub except at the Eat Well Canteen.

  • Visitors must not photograph or video course/workshop participants or classroom operations without permission of the Course leader.

  • Please notify the Green Hub interpreter immediately in the event of an accident, emergency or illness.

  • Green Hub reserves the right to escort any visitor who does not abide by these rules off the premises.


Guided Tour Policies

  • The Green Hub Heritage Tours are capped at a maximum of 30 visitors for each tour. Booking for guided tours will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. The Green Hub reserves the right to reschedule a tour if the number in the group is over this limit.

  • Successfully registered tour participants will be notified by Green Hub staff by email within three business days from the receipt of the successful receipt of the application. Guided tour applicants who have not received a confirmation e-mail after three days from application should call the Green Hub staff at (852) 2996 2800 to check the status of the booking.

  • All visitors should present the official Green Hub confirmation email and valid identity proof upon for verification upon arrival. After verification, visitors can proceed to the tour.

  • Visitors are expected to be punctual. Green Hub reserves the right to start the tour without the late-comers.

  • Visitors will be asked to wear the visitor label throughout guided tours.

  • Approval of the tour application is subject to availability and the final decision of the Green Hub.

  • The above rules are subject to review and may be changed as and when required.

  • The Guided Tour is free of charge


Thank you for your attention.