The Green Hub Interpreter Training Course

The Green Hub Interpreter Training Course


The Green Hub (the Old Tai Po Police Station) is a unique heritage place which is historically, architecturally and ecologically significant. Heritage tour is one of our important education programme to arouse public appreciation of and support for, heritage conservation and sustainable living in Hong Kong. The aim of this training course is to equip people who are interested to become Green Hub’s interpreter with basic knowledge and skills, to help us guide the heritage tour and let visitors understand how the revitalisation project has conserved the historic and architectural values of the building, as well as the trees and the egretry of ecological importance at the Old Tai Po Police Station.

About Green Hub

Under the Revitalising Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme (the R-Scheme), Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) adopted an integrated approach to conserve the Old Tai Po Police Station and transform the historic heritage site into a Green Hub for sustainable living. Today, the Green Hub is an inspirational educational centre and offers wide-ranging educational opportunities for the public. Often described as a green oasis in the concrete jungle, it is a pioneer of low-carbon diet, and green architecture, a place for transformative education and an incubator for community collaboration on appropriate, affordable and sustainable alternatives.

About the Old Tai Po Police Station

Located on a small hill at Wan Tau Kok, the Old Tai Po Police Station was the first permanent Police Station built in the New Territories. The site of the Police Station was the location where the British flag-raising ceremony took place, marking the official British takeover of the New Territories from China in 1899. The administrative headquarters of the New Territories was also fixed at Tai Po, which was considered as the most central position of the New Territories.

The Old Tai Po Police Station was used as the Police Headquarters of the New Territories until 1949. The building was then used by different sections of the Police Force, such as the police Divisional Office and Regional Crime-Prevention Office of the Northern New Territories. The building was closed down when the new Tai Po Police Station came into service in 1987.

The Antiquities Advisory Board accorded the Old Tai Po Police Station Grade 1 Historic Building status in December 2009. Under the R-Scheme, KFBG collaborates with the Development Bureau to transform the Old Tai Po Police Station into a 'Green Hub for Sustainable Living'. The Green Hub started operation in 2015.

Programme Details

  • Interview
  • Training sessions content:
    • Introduction of The Green Hub Interpreter Scheme
    • The integrated conservation strategies of the Green Hub
    • The architectural and ecological feature of the Green Hub
    • The history of New Territories and local Market
    • Transition Town movement
    • The Green Hub sustainable living education programme
    • Basic interpretation knowledge and skill
  • Examination
  • Practicum


  • Commitment: Complete 30 hours service for Green Hub activities after passing the Examination.

  • Deposit: HK$800. Total amount will be refunded when the whole training course and volunteer service are completed on or before a pre-set period.


Green Hub, 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Target Group

  • Hong Kong citizen aged 18 or above
  • Appreciate sustainable lifestyle
  • Interested in nature and heritage conservation
  • Willing to commit as a volunteer for guiding tour on weekdays (mostly) and weekends
  • Able to work in an outdoor environment
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Able to speak fluent Cantonese, basic English and Mandarin
  • Able to attend two full-day trainings are preferred.

No. of Participants


How to apply

The upcoming Course Date will be announced soon.


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