Important Notice

Due to a surge of COVID-19 cases, the Green Hub’s visitor facilities are closed until further notice. The affected areas include heritage trail and display, gardens and the related visitor facilities.

We maintain limited service at our Co-op Shop and Eat Well Canteen. The opening hours are:

Co-op Shop: 11:00-15:00 / Eat Well Canteen: 11:30-14:30

We will follow the current Covid-19 social distancing rules in Hong Kong to arrange admission to the shop and canteen. People who do not wear masks or have a fever will be declined from entering our premises.

We are monitoring the situation and look forward to resuming full service. We wish you good health.

Please note the Green Hub is closed on Tuesdays.


When you have successfully submitted the application form an 'acknowledgment message' will appear on the screen. This is not a confirmation of booking, just of receipt of the application.

Applicants will be notified by the Green Hub staff by e-mail within three business days of submitting the form, to confirm the booking or offer alternative dates and times. 

Applicants who have not received an e-mail message from our staff within three business days after submitting the application  form should call the Green Hub office at (852) 2996 2800 to check the status of the booking.

The Heritage Tour is provided free of charge. Suggested age for Heritage tour is 6 or above.

Group tours for schools and charitable institutions are also free-of-charge. These groups will need to provide proof of their legal status. Applications for commercial tour groups will not be accepted. 


(1) In the interest of public health, the Green Hub adopts special measures, which include admission by sessions and limiting the number of people entering the Green Hub, members of the public will have passed their body temperature check upon entry. Please use the alcohol hand sanitizer which provide in reception and wear your own surgical masks during your visit. Please ask the staff for help if you feel unwell. People who do not wear surgical masks, have fever (>37.5℃) or symptoms of flu will not be allowed to enter the Green Hub.

(2) The Green Hub is itself covered by Public Liability Insurance.  Participants are fully responsible for arranging, at their own expense, such life, health and other forms of insurance coverage as individual considers appropriate.

Application Form

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(DD/MM/YYYY) Online application should be submitted three business days in advance. Green Hub will be closed on Tuesdays and specified dates. Please note the heritage tour service are temporarily suspended.

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