Food Security for the population

Over 30 varieties of crop are grown at the Green Hub's Kitchen Garden (1 June 2015)

Hong Kong is currently unprepared for the effects of Peak Oil (the gradual reduction in global oil production and the end of cheap oil), which will intensify in the future. Global production of conventional oil peaked in 2006 and will only decline from now on. Production from dirty highly damaging and uneconomic fracking will not fill the gap. Energy production from wind and solar and tides will not fill the gap. Uranium production is peaking now also. Coal production will peak in by 2030. Fosil fuels, of course, cause climate change anyway so two thirds of what is currently under ground needs to stay there.

Today, over 90% of the food consumed in Hong Kong is imported from around 150 countries. All imported food relies on cheap oil for processing as well as transportation. The price of food is closely linked to the price of fuel. It is therefore important to realise that 'food security' for the population of over seven million is a very serious issue and will be more challenging under the escalating effects of Peak Oil and climate change. 

In order to safeguard and increase public interest in this important issue, it is vital that we prevent further loss of our existing farmland and greatly expand urban agriculture in an urgent and creative manner.  Click here to read KFBG's comments on the Government's proposed New Agriculture Policy.

We started setting up our Kitchen Gardn on 10 August 2015.

Expanding urban agriculture requires a much wider public participation and support of local food production. Growing some of your own food is a lot less complicated than people might think. Shortage of space and environmental constraints can be challenging, but it is usualy possible to grow some food at home. The Kitchen Garden at the Green Hub  demonstrates that a small food garden can be productive, educational and aesthetic - you are welcome to visit our Kitchen Garden, join a workshop, or buy and study our book, 'Grow Organic' in the Green Hub Co-op Shop.

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