Co-op Market

Green Hub Co-op Market

~ Booth Application for Sept 2018 to May 2019 is Now Open. Please click HERE for details. Let's celebrate the joy of togetherness in a low carbon way ~

Climate Change and Peak Oil will force our society to face a new economic reality with a simpler “less is more” mentality. The energy and time we spend on acquiring “stuff” would better be devoted instead to connecting with people and nature, which is, after all, ultimately builds a more secure and sustainable balance between consumption and production, and creates employment opportunities and stronger bonding within the community.

Green Hub Co-op Market is an incubator for more resilient alternatives – the earlier we start, the better we will survive through the imminent challenges.

Market stalls will be suspended from June to September 2018. Visitors are welcome to join our public educational programmes on 16th Sept & 22th Sept

Time:      10:00-17:00**

Venue:     Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station), 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

Enquiry:   29962800 /

Free Admission***

*    Please check our website at for specific closing days.

**   The last admission time is 16:30.

*** Admission will be suspended when participants exceed carrying capacity of the site. You may make an advance registration at to assure admission.