Board Members of the KFBG Green Hub

Board Members


Mr Andrew McAulay (Chairperson)

Andrew McAulay is the grand-nephew of Sir Horace Kadoorie and the grandson of Lord Lawrence Kadoorie. Andrew obtained a degree in Law from Oxford University. He is a Trustee of the Kadoorie Foundation. Andrew has been a member of the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation Board since its formation in January 1995, and was the first Executive Director of KFBGC until his appointment as Chairperson in December 1999.

Mr Andrew Brandler

Mr. Brandler is Chairman of Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons Ltd. and a Trustee of the Kadoorie Foundation. He joined the KFBG Board in September 2014. Mr. Brandler was Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings Ltd. from May 2000 to September 2013. He was Chairman of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce from 2008 to 2010. Mr. Brandler holds an MA degree from Cambridge University and MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Ms Christine Chau

Ms. Christine Chau has been active in community work in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia. In the 1980s she worked with under-privileged communities. Starting from 1990s she worked with programmes for community development in Mainland China. From 2002 to 2016, Christine was the Director of "Partnerships for Community Development" (PCD), a sister organisation of KFBG, which promotes ecological well-being and sustainable living in urban and rural communities in Mainland China. Christine holds an MA degree from Warwick University.

Mr Daniel R. Bradshaw

Daniel Bradshaw is a solicitor and, now, a senior consultant to Mayer Brown JSM, having joined JSM in 1978. Mr. Bradshaw is a member of the Executive Council of World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong, a non-executive director of Pacific Basin Shipping Limited, a non-executive director of Euronav N.V., a non-executive Director of GasLog MLP and a non-executive director of IRC Limited.

Ms Deborah McAulay

Deborah McAulay is an artist. She has developed art programmes for Hong Kong students and visitors to KFBG. Ms. McAulay was appointed to the KFBGC Board in July 2002.

Dr Lawrence Lee

A Chartered Biologist of the Society of Biology in the UK, Dr. Lee was formerly the Director of the Agriculture & Fisheries Department, and the Authority of Country Parks. He was also the former Field Director and Honorary Professor of the Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre (KARC) of The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lee is the Founding Chairman of the Agriculture & Fisheries Technology Promotion Association. He was appointed to the KFBGC Board in June 1998.

Mr Ruy Barretto, S.C.

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Mr. Barretto was admitted to the Bar in 1975 and is a Senior Counsel. An amateur naturalist since the 1960s, he has found "first records for Hong Kong" in orchids and butterflies. He is involved in both heritage and nature conservation by advising and helping several conservation groups, particularly in policy and planning submissions. Mr. Barretto helped in the incorporation process of the KFBGC and has been a Board Member since 1995.

Ruy has served on numerous government committees and was a member of the Steering Committee and Working Groups drafting the first Biodiversity and Action Plan for the Hong Kong Government.