EW084 Vegan Quinoa Millet Rice Dumpling Cookery Class (Private Group)
Wed, June 24 2020
16:30 - 18:30
Eat Well Classroom, The Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station), 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

EW084  Vegan Quinoa Millet Rice Dumpling Cookery Class  (Private Group)

Vegan Quinoa Millet Rice Dumpling Cookery Class (Private Group)

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (25 June 2020). Apart from watching dragon boat races, we also eat sticky rice dumplings, a traditional festive food, to celebrate this festival. However, most commercially available sticky rice dumplings are high in energy and fat, and so excessive consumption may become a burden to our body. To enjoy the festive fun to the full without feeling the guilt of eating too much fat, this cooking class will use organic tri-coloured quinoa, millet and sticky rice to make rice dumpling, accompanying with chickpeas, peanuts, mung beans, red beans and red dates, to enhance the natural sweetness.

During the cookery class, participants will learn the techniques of handling the ingredients and wrapping the dumplings. The class will also share some tips for low-carbon cooking.

Each participant can make 5 quinoa millet rice dumplings, please bring your own food container.

* Since cooking the sticky rice dumplings takes time, the rice dumplings wrapped in the class need to be taken home for boiling.


Private cookery class is welcomed.

$2700/ class (Tuition and cost for the ingredients are included)

Maximum number of participants:
7 adults

4:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday to Monday (Green Hub closed on Tuesdays)

The Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station), 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

Target Group
Adult (Age 18 or above)

Cantonese / English / Mandarin

Please submit the application form.
* Applications must be submitted at least 7 working days before the selected workshop date.

Please call 2996 2826 or send an email to heidihui@kfbg.org

In the unlikely event of there not being enough participants the Course may be canceled.


In the interest of public health, the Green Hub adopts special measures, which include admission by sessions and limiting the number of people entering the Green Hub, members of the public will have passed their body temperature check upon entry. Please use the alcohol hand sanitizer which provide in reception and wear your own surgical masks during your visit. Please ask the staff for help if you feel unwell.

People who do not wear surgical masks, have fever (>37.5℃) or symptoms of flu will not be allowed to enter the Green Hub.