Residential Courses

Green Hub engages experts of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) and other institutions to organize 2 to 3-day residential courses on a wide range of topics related to sustainable living such as permaculture design, sustainable food system, biodiversity conservation, conservation management, mindfulness, connection with nature, growing food at home and many others.  

The short residential courses target a wide range of audiences to facilitate community preparedness for transition to low-carbon living, as a response to the imminent challenges of Peak Oil and general resource depletion, over-population and Climate Change. The courses also aim to help people reconnect with soil, soul and society.

Apart from intellectual exchange, learning also takes place in the formats of case-studying local projects, exchange with community stakeholders and visiting heritage sites around Tai Po.


The Green Hub guestrooms are designed in a communal setting and most facilities are provided on a same-gender sharing-base. Outside the formal teaching sessions, activities like cooking together, morning exercise, some housekeeping and gardening, and silent walks will also be integrated to the courses whenever appropriate, to enrich the learning experience.

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