Food Detective (Children)

Food Detective

The Green Hub’s Food Detective Workshop is a food education programme which encourages children to explore our relationship with nature through an array of sensory games and hands-on learning experience.
Through a joyful learning experience, children will deepen their connection with nature and embrace good eating habits to harmonise our relationship with nature.

Group Size

15 to 60 persons * (Teachers / leaders inclusive)


4- 6 years old (Parents are welcomed to join)


Monday to Saturday:  0900-1100 OR 1400-1600 (Closed on Tuesdays)


$200 per head (Same price for Children and Adults)

$80 ** per head for Registered whole-day school and Registered Charity

* The Green Hub will adopt the Centre for Health Protection’s latest health advices to adjust class size and grouping arrangement.
** With verification from the school/organization, workshop fee will be waived for participants from low-income families.



Contact Miss Hui at 2996 2826 / 



For Primary and Secondary Students: Eat Well Workshop

For Organized Groups: Low Carbon Diet Workshop