Connecting with the Energy of Nature – A One-day Introductory Workshop
Sat, March 18 2017
9:30 - 17:00
Green Hub - No. 11, Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po

1. Nature / Objectives

Connection with the energy of nature allows us to connect with ourselves and our own energy. Conscious connection with nature and its energy can be an important support in our daily life, to find harmony and stability within ourselves, and can bring us in touch with the healing powers of nature.

This one-day workshop teaches tools for consciously developing and deepening our means of connection with the energy of nature and our relationship with nature. Various exercises on grounding, centering and the perception of energy will be taught during the workshop, along with an exploration of the energy of trees.

We also have a Five-Day Workshop for people who would like to have a deeper understanding about the energy of trees.

Teacher: Dr. Claire Elouard
Dr. Claire Elouard is of French nationality; she spent her early childhood in Senegal, Africa, and later studied in France. She has a PhD in vegetal ecology and a Master of Biology degree from Universities in France. She conducted her field research for her PhD in Indonesia. After spending 8 years doing research in forest pathology and ecology in Malaysia and South India, she started an environmental project in 2001, in the Mumbai area and completed the project this year.

In the 'Energy of Nature' workshop Claire goes far beyond the mainstream science of her university studies and explores the intuitive relationship with nature, which cannot be measured.

Dr. Claire Elouard has been deeply connected with nature since childhood. She developed this connection by learning about the Hindu philosophy on the five elements and their corresponding chakras. She has been teaching people to communicate with nature and feel its energy since 2004 in India, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2. Content
This One-day workshop comprises the following elements:

  • Exercises on feeling energy and connecting to one's energy
  • Exercises on grounding and centering
  • Exercises on connecting with trees and nature

We will be flexible with the arrangement of activities and exercises, depending on the weather, time, the group and Dr. Claire Elouard's wishes.

Activity Report: ‘Energy of Nature’ reconnects people with trees

3. Language

4. Target group / No. of Participants
• Aged 18 years and above
• Maximum of 20 participants

5. Date / Time

  • Saturday, 18 March 2017 (Saturday)
  • Registration 09:15
  • Workshop 09:30-17:00

6. Venue
The Green Hub*, at the Old Tai Po Police Station, Tai Po

*Located on a small hill at Wan Tau Kok, the Old Tai Po Police Station was the first permanent Police Station built in the New Territories in 1899. The Antiquities Advisory Board accorded the Old Tai Po Police Station Grade 1 Historic Building status in December 2009. The Development Bureau awarded the site to KFBG to transform the Old Tai Po Police Station into a 'Green Hub for Sustainable Living' under the Batch II of the "Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme". You may visit the Green Hub website at for more information.

7. Fee

  • HK$800 per person (including vegetarian lunch and refreshment during the workshop)
  • To make this workshop happen, KFBG has subsidized most of the workshop’s costs.

8. Application
Please complete your registration as follows:

  1. Please visit KFBG website, complete the online application form and pay the course fee (HK$800) online on or before 4 March, 2017
  2. Upon receipt of the application form and payment, a confirmation letter will be sent to you by email within 5 working days. If payment is not received within one week, your reservation may be cancelled and the space released for others.
  3. Payment is not refundable after confirmation.

9. Enquiry
For enquiries, please contact Ms Irene Pang at (852) 2483 7109 or email

10. Note

  • Please note that this is an experiential workshop.
  • Participants are required to attend all sessions of the workshop and participate fully in all exercises to ensure progression.
  • KFBG reserves the right to select participants for this workshop, if we feel necessary.
  • Two weeks' notice will be given to participants in case of due to under enrollment (below 6 registered participants). In such a case a full refund will be arranged accordingly.  However, this is an unlikely event; Claire has been teaching with us for several years and is in high demand.