Past Courses

A Dialogue with the Pioneers of the Transition Town Movement


The Seed, the Soil & the Women


Connecting with the Energy of Nature – A One-day Introductory Workshop


A Quantum Journey to Nature’s Tao


A Talk by Tribal Messenger Jhon Kwano


A Residential Transformative Workshop with Dr. Satish Kumar, Jhon Kwano and Guest Speaker Dr. Billy Hau


Public Talk by Dr. Satish Kumar: ‘Reconnecting with our Roots: Spirit, Culture & Nature’


7-day Advance Course on Permaculture for Sustainable Aid Work


13-day Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course


Permaculture in the Philippines Seminar


Zentangle in nature



'Slow Is Beautiful - Learning Ecological Wisdom from Asian Traditions' 5-day Residential Transformative Workshop


Economics of Happiness – Global Vision for Local Action

When Quantum Physics Meets Daoism - Holistic thinking in caring for Planet Earth