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Heritage Conservation , Public Event
In co-organisation with Antiquities and Monuments Office, Arts in Heritage Research, Hong Kong Antique and Art Galleries Association, PMQ and Tai Kwun, the Commissioner for Heritage’s Office of the Development Bureau presents a street carnival - “Heritage Vogue • Hollywood Road” from 1 to 2 July.
Low Carbon Living , Public Event
This two-day residential camp will provide participants a learning experience about native wildlife in Hong Kong, the etiquette for wildlife watching and earth-friendly lifestyle to harmonize our relationship with the environment.
Art&Exhibition , Public Event
Performers include Chan Tin Wai (Guzheng), Acoustic Pop and Mark & Stephen (Harmonica and Classical Guitar). Don’t miss it. Admission* is free of charge.
Transformative Education , Public Event
Dr Claire Elouard will share the success story of tribal village women in Maharashtra, India, who discover that a small garden plot can become a paradise of diverse plant-life with the power to make families healthier, grant financial security, restore natural resource… and enrich lives beyond imagination. Claire will also share the imaginative methods in empowering women and the essence of this kitchen garden project – beautiful in simplicity, beneficial for both people and the Earth.
Transformative Education , Public Event
Connection with the energy of nature allows us to connect with ourselves and our own energy. Conscious connection with nature and its energy can be an important support in our daily life, to find harmony and stability within ourselves, and can bring us in touch with the healing powers of nature.
1 - 5 of 5 news    / 1